When and by whom was ink invented?

Answer The first ink writings are said to have been invented by the Chinese. A Chinese philosopher named Tien-Lcheu invented ink in 2697 B.C. This ink was made from a mixture of many natural things and wo... Read More »

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When was the seatbelt invented and by whom?

George Caylay invented the first seat belt sometime in the 1800s. Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin invented the modern three-point belt, which was first introduced by Volvo in 1959.Source:Seat BeltNils... Read More »

When was yoplait yogurt invented&by whom?

In 1965 the SODIMA foundation, created by combining six regional dairy cooperatives in France, blended the brand names of two of the cooperatives, Yola and Coplait, to form the Yoplait brand, acco... Read More »

What year was Dell computers invented and by whom?

According to, Michael Dell started Dell Computer Corporation in 1984. He was just 19 years old and had only $1,000 in startup capital. Sales reached $2 billion in less than a decad... Read More »

In what year was the first laptop computer invented and by whom?

According to, the Osborne Computer Corporation released the first portable computer, the Osborne 1, in 1981. The device only had a screen that measured 5 inches diagonally and coul... Read More »