When you are going to appear on tv, you have to authorize it right?

Answer That's called a photo release.If you talk to the attorneys, they would have a photo release signed by everyone just to cover themselves. From a practical standpoint, though, it usually comes down ... Read More »

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Why is the cursor going to the left when I press the right arrow key?

It could be your Mouse Settings, so check in the Control Panel.It could be in the Tools ==> Options settings within MS-Word.It could be a fluke in Windows at the moment, and you just need to turn t... Read More »

Do you ever have one of those days nothing is going wrong but its not going right either?

Yes i do.i call such days " yahoo days ", when i decide NOT to go out as a normal human at the weekend and site all the day long asking and answering question.

My right thumb is tingling and it feels like it might be going numb what could be going on?

You have a pinched nerve that is numbing up your thumb....may be the beginning of carpal tunnel

How to Find a College That's Right for You When You're in Middle School?

Deciding which college to attend is a huge decision in life. Unfortunately, many high school juniors and seniors have no idea if they want to go to college, where they want to attend, or what cours... Read More »