When a tic bites you do they stay attached to you or leave?

Answer they bury their heads inside your skin until you remove them or until they suck out so much blood that they burst and die on their own....if you remove one, make sure you remove the head, otherwise... Read More »

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What rules do the USMC have when it comes to wives or girlfriends are they allowed straight out of bootcamp or when can they stay on base with you?

If a Dishonorable discharge (DD) was recieved, it is highly unlikely any change will be made. DD is the most punitive discharge characterization that can be awarded. The process is to apply for a c... Read More »

Why is it that some people stay so skinny when they eat so much and they dont even exercise?

Metabolism... And remember... You can be skinny and unhealthy just as easy it is to be fat and healthy...Just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they are HEALTHY and THAT is the important thing...

Really big bug bites they look like they could be mosquito but they are much bigger I have 5 of them?

Agree or disagree: The home you raise your kids in is the home they strive to create when they leave?

Agree.Here is the sad part . . . even when it WAS a BAD HOME . . . we still re-create it subconsciously.Children born into alcoholic homes, with abuse . . .tend to grow up to be alcoholics, or marr... Read More »