What does it mean if you feel faint and dizzy and sick in the throat and you are struggling to breath?

Answer It means a lot of things. That's why you should go see a doctor.

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What can help cover alcohol on ur breath (my gf hates smelling it on my breath is there anything i could do so?

Cooked chicken smelling/tasting sour/fruity?

You are tasting the toxins made by the bacteria. You can wash most of thebacteria off something, but the toxins will go into the meat, and remain there,They do not get killed by cooking, freezing ... Read More »

When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER:Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.

When a married woman has an affair and has a child with that man what rights does her husband have to the child?

Since you have become pregnant from having affair with another man and if your husband has forgiven you and is acceptable of the baby then the two of you can raise that child. However, if the biolo... Read More »