When a pregnant lady has twins is there 1 or 2 umbilical cords?

Answer Two umbilical cords, two placentas, two bags of water, two of everything! That is unless they are conjoined twins.

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Do puppies umbilical cords have to be cut?

If you leave them attached to the mom dog they're less likely to get lost.

Do baby turtles have umbilical cords?

Turtles are reptiles; therefore they hatch out of an egg. Inside the egg, there is a yolk that gives the embryo food for growing. The embryo is attached to the yolk by an umbilical cord. So baby tu... Read More »

If a girl slept with two identical twins and got pregnant, would both twins...?

I Think the Careful Analysis of the DNA (Germline), Would Reveal Some Difference. E. g., the Incorporation, of Viral DNA.

If cords are too short for a room from a surround sound system..are there longer cords for sale?

Hi, As long as it isn't one of them DVD/Blu-ray Home theater in a box type surround systems a lot of electrical retailers will sell speaker wire on a huge roll and they sell and cut by the metre. I... Read More »