When a pool is green where do i start with the chemicals?

Answer On One Hand: pH ImbalanceA pool with a pH well below 7.0 needs sodium hypochlorite. For every 2,000 gallons of pool water, a quarter cup of sodium hypochlorite should be added to the water to raise... Read More »

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What chemicals are used to start up a pool while filling?

First off, test the water going into the pool to determine its "native" pH, chlorine level (municipal water usually has trace amounts), its alkalinity (its resistance to swings in the pH), & its ca... Read More »

Why would you get a green reaction when shocking your pool with Burnout 35?

Answer You have existing copper in your water. It can either be from well water, poor water balance causing your heater to corrode or too much of a copper algaecide. The Burnout 35, or any shock f... Read More »

How to Care for a Fiberglass Pool With Chemicals?

Fiberglass pools are coated with gelcoat, which is basically a fiberglass resin-based paint. Gelcoat has a very smooth and nonporous surface that makes fiberglass pools attractive and easy to clean... Read More »

How do I Fix Pool Problems With Household Chemicals?

Keeping your pool functioning properly can be complicated and expensive if you don't know what you are doing. There are many tricks and tips that can help you save money on pool supplies. In fact, ... Read More »