When a new car is purchased how long is it covered under an existing policy without being added to the policy?

Answer Answer You should read you existing policy. Most allow 30 days.

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How long after recovery from an illness must you wait to get an individual insurance policy and have been covered by a group policy?

Answer It depends what the problem was. Answer Not only is the nature of the problem an issue, so is your choice of insurance company. Guidelines around these types of issues are generally not sta... Read More »

If you became pregnant while covered by a short-term disability policy which covers pregnancy but then you switched employers are you still covered by the former policy?

Answer Good question.Were you on disability when you switched employers?Is your question if the time on the 1st policy counts towards the pre-x period on the second policy like it does for health i... Read More »

Can someone who is not related to you be added to an existing policy if that person lives at the same residence and has a drivers license?

Yes, and especially if they may be driving your vehicle while they are living with you.

In Georgia when a new car is purchased does it need to be insured right away if the purchaser has an existing policy that covers their other vehicles or is there a grace period?

Answer I can't say specifically for Georgia, but almost any insurance policy will cover a different/additional car for a "reasonable" amount of time. Call your agent and check, preferrably BEFORE ... Read More »