When a guys get boners, how come they walk funny Does It Hurt?

Answer Shove a cucumber down the front of your pants and try to walk normal.

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Most boys at my daughter's school walk around with their boners coming out the top of their jeans. Is that bad?

No not bad, but you did remind me of an old boyfriend.

Why do guys get boners from hugs?

first off if he's an adult that's not good, tell a parent. If he's the same age or a year older then just make sure he knows you don't like him. Sadly guys getting boners from the littlest things. ... Read More »

My knees hurt when I walk up and down stairs - why is this?

It could be bursitis, inflammation of the bursae. The bursae is the fluid filled sac under the kneecap and often causes problems because it is a weak point in the joint. It usually hurts more comin... Read More »

My leg doesn't hurt anymore, but I still walk with a limp?

Muscle cramps, especially those that you get while already exercising, can be very straining on your muscle. You can often times catch professional athletes out for an entire game (or number of gam... Read More »