When a friend of mine was told she had diabetes her blood sugar was 22. What was your sugar level?

Answer There are different ways of measuring blood sugar. Those in the US use mg/dl. Others use mmol/l. A blood sugar of 22 mmol/l is equivalent of 396 mg/dl (to convert, you multiply it by 18). My husban... Read More »

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My blood sugar level is 279, could I have diabetes?

It sounds very possible. You should start checking your blood sugars on a regular basis, before meals and at bedtime and keep a log. I would make an appointment with your doctor. Blood sugars ra... Read More »

If a person without diabetes ate a huge amount of sugar,what is the highest his blood sugar would go?

The person will suffer from hyperglycemia for a temporary period. He will feel excessive thirst and excessive secretion of urine. The excess sugar in the blood will be released along with urine.

Diabetes High blood sugar / low blood sugar?

Your best bet is to get hold of a glucometer and check your blood sugar when you are feeling that way. That will erase all doubts. -------------------------------------

Wouldnt the doctor have told me if i had diabetes or something serious since sugar showed up in my urine?

My doctor told me you need 3 readings over 126 to be diagnosed as a diabetic. Was this your regular doctor who did the physical? Why not call and ask about the glucose reading? I am sure if he w... Read More »