When a friend dies what do you do to their facebook?

Answer Hack their account and update "is chillin with Jesus"

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What should i say to a girl when their mom dies?

Tell her "Sorry to hear about your mom, if there's anything I can do to help, like if you want to talk or anything, let me know."Or just say "Sorry to hear about your mom."

How to Help Out When a Friend Dies?

When you lose a good friend, not only are you filled with grief, but your friend's family will also have a void. You may feel awkward on how to reach out and communicate with the family. You may ev... Read More »

Can I get a friend to invite their friends to my Facebook page?

Yes. By suggesting the page! if your friend is an administrator.On the left, to any administrator, there will appear a menu with all the friends he/she has, with the choice of sending them an invit... Read More »

When a person dies is their last breath an inhale or exhalewhy.?

It would be an exhalation.....inhalation is active, exhalation is primarily passive.Good question, hope this helps :)