When a doctor says that lung cancer is curable, does that mean that the patient will be cancer free for?

Answer Freedom:Survival of patients with lung cancer will depend on the type and extent of the cancer at the time of initial diagnosis. One-third of patients with early stages of non-small cell lung cance... Read More »

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What is a good Christian prayer to pray for the healing of a lung cancer patient?

-I am not a christian but there is on sentence in Bible-Know you not your body is temple of god & spirit of God dwelleth in you-this is used in our religion also

When should the doctor follow-up be completed after radiation for lung cancer?

On One Hand: Relatively Short WaitYour first checkup will come two-to-six weeks after your treatment, according to After the initial visit your doctor will schedule you for follo... Read More »

My mum is a cancer patient, doctor says it is terminal. I felt so helplesss. What can I do?

Just because a doctor proclaims your mom terminal does not mean it has to be. There are so many people that have gone to alternative methods that have been pronounced dead by traditional medicine. ... Read More »

Cancer supporting ribbons/shirts/pins, etc...(specifically lung cancer)?

I used to work in a hospital cancer research department - quite often even they have a hard time finding those things! But what I would do is speak to the head nurse of the cancer support departmen... Read More »