When a debit card won't scan, why does it work..........................…?

Answer Here's a couple of links that may help explain why that works:……

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How can a moeny come out of a bank on a debit card when you have no debit card?

If it isn't a "pending" transaction and something that has actually posted to your account, you'll have to file a Regulation E report with your bank stating you've have had a fraudulent debit trans... Read More »

What to do when memory card wont work?

sounds like you need a newer "SDHC-capable card reader" to read a 16GB SD memory card. You can buy one relatively cheap, just don't get the cheapest as they do not work so well.Have you tried plugg... Read More »

Does the Visa Buxx debit card work overseas?

Yes, Visa Buxx debit cards will work overseas. Any card with the Visa logo will work anywhere on the planet where Visa is accepted. You may have to pay conversion fees when getting money.References... Read More »

Hey on my computer i have mcafee, and when i click scan it wont scan, it goes back to the beginning?

Get rid of Mcafee and use these:Avg Free Edition, A great all round virus program:…Ashampoo Firewall, Use this to monitor which programs have access to the... Read More »