When a computer goes to sleep, does it dream?

Answer Only Will Smith's computer dreams. But then you have to ask the right questions.

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How to Make a Modular Dream Computer System?

Here's how to make the most perfect machine in the world from parts. The aim of this is to get a machine capable of be the ultimate home entertainment system/gaming system.

How to Get a Lot of Dream Points in Pokemon Dream World?

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Should I Put My Computer To Sleep......?

Sleep is not as shutdown as hibernation. When doing either you are basically allowing your computer to power down certain devices that are not needed. First your monitor, then hard drive and so on.... Read More »

Is Shut down and Sleep the same on the Computer?

no, shut doown means its down completely and you have to turn in back on for it to turn on again.. sleep is when its resting and you can move the mouse and your computer will still be on:D