When a child is 12 years old can they decide to change their last name?

Answer Your sister will need to be appointed by the appropriate court. With your parents' consent it should go fairly easily.

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Can a father after 8 years decide he wants joint custody just because you asked for a review on child support?

Answer Yes, custodial issues and child support obligations are two completely different issues and one has no bearing on any decision that may be made concerning the other.

What do you do if you hate where the judge has placed you for the next 2 years and won't let you decide where you want to spend your next 2 years?

My child was adopted nearly 10 years ago I read that the statute of limitation for child support arrears is 10 years from emancipation Is adoption considered emancipation?

How old does a child need to be to decide where child want's to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?