When a DNA test is done, can it be wrong?

Answer The only mistakes that can happen in DNA testing are human errors. One of the common mistakes made by humans, which is quite rare, is specimen switching. Genes are so unique that DNA tests are quit... Read More »

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Can a paternity test be wrong?

Although unusual, a paternity test can give an incorrect result. The most likely cause is human error, but this can also happen when the real father is the tested man's brother. Rare genetic disord... Read More »

Can DNA test labs get the wrong results?

According to information from the University of Texas, in DNA testing "lab error rates are typically regarded as being around 2 percent." The university classifies DNA lab errors into four main cat... Read More »

Can a blood test for pregnancy be wrong?

On One Hand: Yes, If Taken Too EarlyPregnancy blood tests measure the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone released when a woman becomes pregnant, in the blood. As long as you wa... Read More »

Can a blood alcohol test be wrong?

Most blood alcohol tests are highly accurate and are more dependable than breathalyzer alcohol tests. The only factors that may affect the high accuracy of a blood alcohol test are human errors suc... Read More »