When a DNA test is done, can it be wrong?

Answer The only mistakes that can happen in DNA testing are human errors. One of the common mistakes made by humans, which is quite rare, is specimen switching. Genes are so unique that DNA tests are quit... Read More »

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Anyone ever was given a wrong order or was your order done the wrong way when ordering your food->?

Not me but when I was out with my mom she asked for a vanilla frozen yogurt and they gave her a banana one instead since she pronounces the v as b and ended up saying banilla. I couldn't stop laugh... Read More »

What's the funniest/most daring thing you've done when you know you're going to fail a test?

I'm too scared to do anything that funny, but on a final for psych, my boyfriend had to write a paper with the topic "What is Courage?". He wrote, "This is courage.", handed it in, and walked out t... Read More »

What's wrong with my earphones When I bought two new pairs to test only the right earbuds worked for my iPod touch how do I fix it?

What have I done wrong?

You were suppose to dilute the anti-freeze with rat poison. You live and you learn I guess. Chalk it up to experience. Welcome to America.