When Windows XP expires do I have to buy a new computer?

Answer Well alright > It works > Until there's a serious fault with it or you just can't do the jobs you want, there's no need to buy another computer.You could just, instead of using ie8 install a differ... Read More »

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What happens when windows expires?

Do you mean when it is no longer supported? All that happens is that you will no longer get Windows updates. The operating system will still work OK. I actually read a question on here tonight from... Read More »

Why do I have to "press F1 to continue" when I start my computer - Windows XP ?

The 'Press F1 to continue" message is a result of an error caused as the BIOS does its hardware checks during the boot process.The BIOS boot process (bootstrap) preceeds the loading of the operatin... Read More »

How do i activate windows after my product key expires?

Log on to the computer using an administrator username and password. Make sure you have an active Internet connection. Click the "Start" button.Point to "All Programs" in Windows XP and select "Acc... Read More »

How to Do System Restore on HP Computer With Windows Vista When Windows Does Not Load?

Every edition of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system includes the System Restore application. Enabled by default, this feature periodically generates copies of critical drivers, files and ... Read More »