When Will My Car Be Repossessed After Bankruptcy?

Answer If you don't pay your auto loan, filing for bankruptcy protection won't prevent your lender from repossessing the car. Bankruptcy can't wipe out the lien your lender has on your vehicle. Even if y... Read More »

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What happens after a car has been repossessed?

After a car is repossessed, several things could happen to the vehicle. If the borrower who defaulted pays the past due obligations, the vehicle could be returned. If not, a vehicle may be resold t... Read More »

What Happens to Repossessed Homes?

Homeowners who default on their mortgage loans may face repossession of their homes. Once the foreclosure process has begun, a home is sold at public auction to satisfy the terms of the loan.

What happens when a vehicle is repossessed?

Repossession is not the end of your relationship with your car. There are several chances to reclaim your car between the time it was taken back by the finance company and the moment it is sold at ... Read More »

Where do cars go after they are repossessed?

Repossession of vehicles is an increasingly common occurrence. Repossession of property is defined as a lending institution taking possession of the collateral with which a loan is secured when the... Read More »