When Will My Car Be Repossessed After Bankruptcy?

Answer If you don't pay your auto loan, filing for bankruptcy protection won't prevent your lender from repossessing the car. Bankruptcy can't wipe out the lien your lender has on your vehicle. Even if y... Read More »

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When can I buy a new home, 2 years after bankruptcy or after the foreclosure?

On One Hand: Credit RepercussionsBoth foreclosures and bankruptcy generally stay on a credit report for at least seven years. In the case of bankruptcy, a credit score can be adversely affected for... Read More »

Will my house be paid off after bankruptcy discharge?

Under bankruptcy, you can opt to keep your primary residence and continue mortgage payments if you have a lien on your home. However, after a bankruptcy discharge, if the mortgage debt is not repai... Read More »

Who will give a personal loan after a discharged bankruptcy?

Most credit unions will give you a personal loan after a bankruptcy has been discharged, especially if you are a long time member. However, you should expect to pay higher interest rates if you are... Read More »

What happens after a car has been repossessed?

After a car is repossessed, several things could happen to the vehicle. If the borrower who defaulted pays the past due obligations, the vehicle could be returned. If not, a vehicle may be resold t... Read More »