When Were Pearls First Discovered?

Answer Pearls are one of the oldest natural gems. They form inside oysters, and people use pearls in many types of jewelry around the world. The origin of the pearl is not completely known because it has ... Read More »

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When were diamonds first discovered?

Diamonds were first discovered in India, around 800 B.C. These diamonds were river-bed (alluvial) diamonds and were enough to supply the world until the eighteenth century. Following, diamonds were... Read More »

When were meteorites first discovered?

What we call meteorites were thought, for most of our history, to be strange and unique, but still Earthly rocks. It wasn't until 1794 that a scientist named Ernst Chladni put forward the idea that... Read More »

When were sapphires first discovered?

The earliest references to sapphires come from Persia, modern-day Iran, in about 800 B.C. They believed the color of the sky was made by the reflection of sapphires on Earth.Source:History, Legend... Read More »

When were depressants first discovered?

The Narcotic Education Foundation of America states that historically, alcohol was used first to induce sleep. In 1806, scientist Friedrich Serturner isolated opium to create morphine, a pain kille... Read More »