When Was the Furnace Invented?

Answer In China, an unknown inventor fashioned the first blast furnace sometime during the first century. Abraham Darby created the first modern blast furnace in 1709, which used coke made from distilling... Read More »

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Who invented the home furnace?

The home furnace was invented in 1885 by Dave Lennox. It was a steel coal furnace. Lennox is still one of the most popular furnaces around. Before his invention, most homes were heated by wood-burn... Read More »

Who invented the steam boiler furnace?

Granville T. Woods (1856-1910), an African-American from Columbus, Ohio, received his first patent on Jan. 4, 1884 for the steam boiler furnace. He would go on to patent more than 35 other inventio... Read More »

Who invented the open hearth furnace?

During the mid 19th-century, Sir William Siemens invented the open hearth or regenerative furnace, which is used in the manufacturing of steel, according to the 1902 Encyclopedia. Siemens was born ... Read More »

On what date was the steam boiler furnace invented?

The steam boiler engine was recognized as having been invented when the first patent for the invention was filed on January 4, 1884, by Granville Woods, a black inventor likened to Thomas Edison.So... Read More »