When Using Tempura Batter Mix, Should I Season the Fish& Shrimp?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, use seasoningAccording to professional chef Dave Coffman, many recipes for tempura-battered fish and shrimp call for and are enhanced by spices. Common spices to add include black... Read More »

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How to Fry Avocados Stuffed With Shrimp in a Tempura Batter?

Tempura batter is a light, crunchy coating that can be added to softer foods to provide a bit of textural contrast. Avocados can benefit from this treatment and can be used to create side dishes or... Read More »

Is cupcake batter different from cake batter?

No, cupcake and cake batter are the same. The differences are the type of pan you use and how long and at what temperature you need to bake the batter.Source:"Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful ... Read More »

How to Make Tempura?

If you've enjoyed tempura in Japanese restaurants, you know that the dish is an unforgettable treat. Although tempura may seem exotic, it isn't difficult to make at home. Nearly any food can be fri... Read More »

How to Make Panko Banana Tempura?

Tempura is a Japanese cooking method of deep frying dishes, such as shrimp, beef, and fish. It can also be used with fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber and eggplant. Try this inexpensive way o... Read More »