When Taking Supplements, Do You Need to Work out a Lot?

Answer On One Hand: Supplements Increase Muscle EnergyCertain supplements, such as creatine, are actually meant to fuel the muscles, according to This means that you need to work out to ... Read More »

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Why do my fingernails turn white when taking vitamin D supplements?

Its Your Bodies Way Of Saying The Medicine Is Helping They Are Getting Healthier.

Is it normal to have diarrhea and gas when taking hydro-whey supplements?

AnswerWhey is a dairy product that contains high amounts of casein (a milk protein) and also some lactose( a sugar). If you are sensitive to either of those, or other dairy components, they could ... Read More »

Should i be taking protein supplements?

No, supplements arent very good for you particularly for a 15 yo. I would even go as far to say your too young to body build(i think 16 is the age).Foods with alot of protein:-canned tuna is 25% pr... Read More »

What will taking estrogen supplements do?

Estrogen supplements such as Premarin increase the levels of the hormone estrogen in the body, which aids in symptoms of early menopause, and helps prevent bone loss in women. The supplements also ... Read More »