How to Tell Your Girlfriend That You Want to Marry Her?

Answer Have you been going out with a girl so long that you think it might be time to marry her? Do you know how to tell her or the right time to tell her?

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How to Ask My Girlfriend's Dad If I Can Marry Her?

While asking your girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage used to be a necessary prerequisite to the marriage proposal, times have changed considerably. In the 21st century, this charming trad... Read More »

What should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you would like to keep it but you are not married yet and you would like to marry her and what should you do about insurance?

Answer You should have thought about the insurance before you got her pregnant. You'll have to apply for it. I do believe there is also Blue Cross which is extended medical. Do your homework on th... Read More »

If you and your girlfriend are both 16 and expecting a baby when is the right time to ask her to marry you?

Answer You need to really think about whether you want to marry her because you love her or because she's having your baby. I too had a baby very young (16) we married when I was 19 after having ou... Read More »

Can you get in trouble if you are 18 and get your girlfriend who is 15 pregnant but you are going to stay with and help support your girlfriend and the baby?

Answer If the legal age of consent in your state/country is more than 15years of age, then it is unlawful sexual intercourse and this is a criminal offence. Your age can mitigate the response of th... Read More »