When Should a Wiper Blade Frame Be Replaced?

Answer Windshield wipers should smoothly remove water from the windshield without squeaking, scraping or sticking. When wipers start to skip or show signs of wear, replace wiper blade frames to maintain o... Read More »

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How often should wiper blades be replaced?

The wiper blades should be replaced every six to 12 months. The windshield wiper blades need replacement when the rubber blades are cracked, streaked, torn or make a chattering noise. Due to gradua... Read More »

Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper With a Blade or Refill?

You shouldn't have that much trouble starting a business in South Carolina. The state's requirements for business licenses and registration are pretty basic and easy to follow. Most of what the av... Read More »

When should airbags be replaced?

Airbags have been installed over the last two decades as standard items in all new cars. They undoubtedly make driving a car safer, drastically reducing the injuries and deaths that result from col... Read More »

When should a car radiator be replaced?

A car's radiator should be replaced when it begins to leak. This is usually seen as a puddle of greenish fluid under the front of the car. An original radiator should last about 150,000 miles (unl... Read More »