When Should You Change a Timing Chain in a Car?

Answer Your car's timing chain is tasked with operating the inlet and exhaust valve gear at the precise moment during the piston's stroke cycle. When the timing chain, which is sometimes referred as a ti... Read More »

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Should I Change the Timing Chain on a Cavalier?

Do not mix Dex-Cool with regular anti-freeze! Dex-Cool is a specially formulated GM coolant which will not mix with traditional coolants, and was used in various GM applications up through the 2004... Read More »

How often should you change the timing chain on a 2003 pontiac sunfire gt?

You should need to change the timing belt or chain on the Sunfire at 80,000 miles. Please note that changing this belt/chain is a complicated procedure involving the crankshaft and camshaft and mak... Read More »

When do I change the timing chain on a Mercedes ML320?

You don't. Modern timing chains, such as those on the Mercedes ML320, do not need to be replaced in normal maintenance procedures and are designed to last for the life of the engine.Source:Foreign ... Read More »

When Should the Timing Chain Be Replaced on a Jeep Cherokee?

Technically, timing chains are designed and built to last the entire life of the engine. So in theory, you should replace it only when it's broken. However, if the chain breaks while your engine is... Read More »