When Should I Put Weed & Feed on My Yard?

Answer Weed & Feed is a lawn care product that combines fertilizer and post-emergent herbicide. Gardeners use this product to contribute nutrients to their grass coming out of dormancy and to prevent broa... Read More »

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Is bug feed safe for a yard pet?

It is important to carefully examine the ingredients in the bug feed. Some bug feeds include toxic materials like carbaryl, which can be poisonous to yard pets. Some bug feeds, including borax, are... Read More »

How often should you weed and feed?

Fertilizer that contains weed killer is normally called "weed and feed." Some contain herbicides that kill weeds that have already begun to grow, called a post-emergent, while others contain a pre... Read More »

When Should Weed & Feed Be Applied to Lawns?

Whether you get regular exercise or lead a more sedentary lifestyle, stretching is an important physical routine that helps your joints, posture and muscles. Some people neglect this beneficial act... Read More »

Lawn Weed & Feed Ingredients?

Weed-and-feed combination products offered convenience for homeowners because they provided an all-in-one solution to both the fertilizing requirement and the weed-control requirement for residenti... Read More »