When Removing Car Battery What Tools Can Be Used?

Answer Your car's battery will provide you with at least three, four, even five years or more of dependable service, supplying the juice your car needs to get going. Ranging in price from about $60 to $10... Read More »

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How to Avoid Sparks When Removing Battery Terminals?

People are relieved when their car breaks down and they discover all they need is a new battery. It's one of the cheapest car repairs and, literally within minutes, you can be back on your way. Whi... Read More »

Tools Used When Teaching Children Ballet?

Ballet classes for children only require a few basic tools. Ambition and a willingness to learn, plus a teacher who knows how to direct children during ballet classes, are more important than any s... Read More »

When were the first stone tools invented&used?

According to the American Museum of Natural History, the first stone tools, "sharp-edged flakes of rock," were invented and used around 2.5 million years ago. These tools marked "the beginnings of ... Read More »

What types of tools were used with traditional horse hair plaster over wood lathe How does one use these tools to make perfectly smooth walls?

Answer I would assume a simple, but long wooden trowel similar to a mortar trowel, perhaps with some upturned skids at the end so overlapping strokes do not make unwanted marks in the plaster. I ... Read More »