When Pizza hut charges a "Delivery Charge" Does that go to the driver?

Answer yes, drivers get paid in cash at the end of the night.

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Being a pizza delivery driver in north las vegas?

If you have any doubts about the job, you really should not take it. Gas is expensive now and you will pay for that daily and hopefully get some decent tips. I am sure there are other and safer job... Read More »

How much should you tip a pizza delivery person WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED A 2.00 DELIVERY FEE on order?

Screw that. Why would you tip when you are charged a delivery fee. I say a big fat ZERO. I usually try to avoid pizza places that charge delivery fees. If I do order from them then sorry the dr... Read More »

Who pays car delivery charges when buying a new car?

While almost anything is theoretically negotiable when you're haggling over a new car, the factory's destination charge, or delivery charge, is required and usually paid by the buyer. Beware, thoug... Read More »

What's the least / most you should tip a pizza delivery man?

You would tip the same as you tip when you got to eat at restaurant. least 15-20%. If you are a regular the driver will know if you are a good tipper or not. If you tip well they will be su... Read More »