When Is a Tire Alignment Needed?

Answer If your car is trying to steer you toward a ditch, it's probably time to get an alignment. Adjusting a few angles will keep your tires rolling in a straight line.

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Tire Alignment Symptoms?

Tire alignment is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that is commonly underestimated or ignored by casual car owners. Many larger and more expensive problems can originate from misaligned t... Read More »

Proper Tire Alignment?

Proper tire alignment keeps the tires rolling perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Improper alignment can lead to excessive wear and steering problems.

Tire Alignment Issues?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asserts that wheel alignments lengthen the lifespans of a vehicle's tires, and allow drivers to easily travel in a straight path. Motorists who do... Read More »

The Average Cost of Tire Alignment?

The price for tire alignment, usually referred to as wheel alignment, varies greatly depending on where you live and the type of alignment you want. Alignment is important for handling of your vehi... Read More »