When Is a Plantain Ready?

Answer The plantain, sometimes referred to as the cooking banana, is most commonly consumed in Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. It contains more starch than a banana and is used as an ingredient in ... Read More »

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When is a plantain ripe?

Plaintains can be used in various stages of ripeness, though their flavor changes over time as starches turn to sugars. When a plantain is green, it is very starchy and fibrous. As the fruit blacke... Read More »

When Is Pumpkin Ready to Eat?

Pumpkins lend a mild, sweet creaminess to savory soups and holiday pies. The nutritious squash requires approximately 140 days to fully develop. Farmers and cooks use visual and tactile clues to de... Read More »

When are pomegranates ready to eat?

Pomegranate fruits can be harvested and eaten after they have turned a distinctive color, according to the California Rare Fruit Growers. They also suggest tapping the pomegranate to see if it has ... Read More »

When is a dog ready to breed?

On One Hand: Age of Sexual MaturityA dog is ready to physically breed as soon as it reaches sexual maturity. The onset of puberty can vary by dog breed, but most female dogs reach puberty between 6... Read More »