When Is Summer Squash Ripe Enough to Pick?

Answer Squashes are among the most forgiving plants for beginning gardeners, as they are easy to grow and produce large quantities of fruit, says Hilary Rinaldi, a certified organic gardener, in "The Week... Read More »

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When is spaghetti squash ripe?

Spaghetti squash can be picked year round, but it is ripe once the outside of the squash is a rich yellow hue with no white areas, and feels solid and heavy to the touch.Source:Fine Cooking Magazin... Read More »

Is cushaw squash winter or summer squash?

According to Slow Foods USA, the cushaw squash is a winter squash. In the warmer climates of the southern U.S., the green-striped cushaw can also be grown to produce a spring harvest.Source:Slow Fo... Read More »

How do I grow summer squash without squash bugs?

Resistant SeedsPurchase squash seed varieties resistant to squash bugs and the bacterial diseases they transmit. Varieties resistant to infestations are butternut, royal acorn and sweet cheese, acc... Read More »

What is the difference between summer squash&winter squash?

The main difference between winter and summer squash is the harvesting time. Summer squash is gathered in the summer months, while winter squash is gathered in the early fall months.Types of Winte... Read More »