When Is Eggplant Ready to Harvest?

Answer Eggplant, a fruit widely used in Italian cuisine, generally becomes ready for harvesting in less than three months, according to Veggie Harvest. Once it ripens, the harvester must cut the fruits fr... Read More »

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When Will Our Potatoes Be Ready To Harvest?

It sounds like your potatoes are growing just fine. The way that you can tell that they are ready to dig is by the vines dying. Once the vines are completely crisp and brown, the potatoes are rea... Read More »

When are these plants usually ready for harvest?

Carrots take about 3 months. You might be able to eat some of the thinnings. Radishes take about 20-30 days. Onions(sets) get planted early spring and are ripe about June. Chives can grow year-ro... Read More »

When Are Leeks Ready to Harvest?

Leeks are a nonbulbing member of the allium, or onion, family. Leeks were held in such high regard by ancient Egyptians that swearing by a leek was the same as swearing by the gods. The edible port... Read More »

How to Tell When Zucchini Is Ready to Harvest?

Zucchini, a summer squash, is an abundant producer in the home vegetable garden. Zucchinis ripen from midsummer until fall, continually blooming and producing until cold weather kills off the plant... Read More »