How to Get a Shiny Pokemon in the Diamond Game Version?

Answer There is a distinct set of Pokemon that are rarer than their regular counterparts and referred to as "Shiny" Pokemon because of the flash and stars they emit at the start of an encounter and their ... Read More »

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How to Get Through the Cave in Original Pokemon Red for GameBoy?

In “Pokémon Red Version,” Diglett’s Cave is the only place where you can encounter the ground-type Pokémon Diglett and, more rarely, its evolution Dugtrio. Diglett’s Cave also serves as a... Read More »

Pokemon Cheats for Gameboy Advance SP Sapphire?

"Pokemon Sapphire" is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. The game allows players to catch, raise and breed Pokemon as they strive to beco... Read More »

Pokemon Cheats for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP?

Pokemon has had a presence on all Nintendo platforms since the original Gameboy. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were two of the most popular games on Gameboy Advance SP. Due to their popularity, many in... Read More »

How to Catch the Legendary Dogs in Gameboy Advance Pokemon Games?

This guide will tell you a time consuming, but very rewarding way to capture the Legendary Dogs, Birds, Mespirit, Cresselia, and the Latis, all with the Nature you desire. Note that this guide only... Read More »