When I use 2 graphics cards my Wi-Fi card doesn't work, can this be fixed?

Answer You can't CrossFire two different cards, you can only CrossFire a graphics card with the same model of each other, I'm guessing that is why.If not, I'd suggest buying an Ethernet cable, faster inte... Read More »

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Whats better, two 2gb graphics cards, or one 4gb graphics card?

The two 680s should offer a bit more performance than the single 690.Every responder here fails to realize that cards in SLi will mirror their RAM. Therefore, as the 690 is a dual GPU card you wil... Read More »

Your sd card slot doesnt work how can you fix it?

You can format your SD card, or use a sd-usb reader that you can plug into your USB port. Otherwise, you can try using SD cards of a different size. Sometimes SDHC cards do not work in some slots.

Why doesnt the 4gb memory card work in your digital camara?

It's likely that your 4GB card is an "SDHC" card, and your camera is an older camera that was designed before the SDHC format came out. Although SDHC cards look exactly like standard SD cards, the... Read More »

Will This Graphics Card Work?…if you go here you will see that it will work, like others said, jstu make shure you have atleast 400 but i would reccomend, atleast 500W