When I turn my computer on, I get nothing but a black screen.... help!?

Answer If you can read this ... 1) Is the monitor switched on?2) Is the monitor connected to the PC?3) If both the above check and nothing at all shows on the monitor, it may be a fault with the monitor. ... Read More »

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My Computer Screen is black when i turn on my PC?

It sounds like the display properties for your profile are not set correctly for your monitor. Open & check the display properties, make sure you have only one monitor selected, the right resolutio... Read More »

When I turn my computer on The screen stays black?

If the computer shuts off after powering up you may have a power supply problem , hdd problemIf the computer *stays on* but the screen stays black, try changing monitors. if the computer works afte... Read More »

Computer screen suddenly went black and won't turn on?

Is you computer a laptop or desktop?If desktop, check the connections on the tower for not being loose. I had this problem on one of my older computers and mine was a bad video card, replaced and w... Read More »

Ok, so one day i turn on my computer and the screen is completely black! Any ideas on what it is?

Its crashed. that happened to the family computer once. we tried turning it off and on a few times then it went into a cold start. we were having our kitchen redone and discovered dat some dust had... Read More »