When I try to center my title on Microsoft Word it moves all other text as well.?

Answer Make sure you don't have anything selected but the title. Then just press the center button. Should work

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How to Center Text in Microsoft Word?

Centered TitlesWhether you are creating a title or emphasizing on some important information, it is important to know how to center text in Microsoft Word.

What is a title bar in Microsoft Word?

The title bar in Microsoft Word is the bar located at the very top of the screen.Saved DocumentsThe title bar shows the file name of the saved document that is open in Microsoft Word.Unsaved Docume... Read More »

Speech to Text for Microsoft Word?

Speech to text software products for Microsoft Word allows users to speak through a microphone and have their words converted to text. While these products are not perfect, they can be a valuable t... Read More »

How do i flip text in microsoft word?

Create a TableText must be within a table cell to be flipped. It can be flipped to face right or left, but not upside-down. To flip a simple block of text, create a table with one cell by clicking ... Read More »