When I try to access facebook it says expired link?

Answer .......i dont Know check ..that is your connection is secure..or nt.....or also check your user name and password

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What does it mean when I access Facebook and it says "Service Unavailable - DNS failure"?

Yea, Its down for me too. :/It wont even work on my psp.. but i read what is actually going on and this is whats happening: "Computers on the internet address each other by numbers, so if you want... Read More »

HELP a hacker changed my facebook password ail i try to change both of them but this says The link is invalid?

Contact facebook support they will help you change your password for you so you can get in and report the hacker aswell.UK helpline facebook: 0905 915 0100.If it's a US number I can't help you sorry.

What does it mean when a website says it expired on said date and it pending renewel or deletion?

When you Register a Domain name it is for a certain period of time usually in one year intervals, it is like renting a apartment with a year lease. So when the website expired on said date their le... Read More »

On facebook wht does it mean when it says tbh?