When I think too much, my balls hurt.............?


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Help please my balls hurt?

You have a yeast infection on your face!?! Holy ****! I'd get your sack checked ASAP man, could be something way worse.

Does your balls hurt when you have your laptop on your knee in bed?

ya It can causes so ....As the body needs to maintain a proper testicular "penus and balls" temperature for normal sperm production and development and as Portable computers in a laptop position p... Read More »

Does getting your bra strap snap hurt more than getin kicked in the balls?

Clearly, it's the balls!! They are considered the weakest part on the human body and as I was taught in my self defense class, one of the best targets for the female sex to disable and escape a mal... Read More »

Do golf balls bounce higher than ping-pong balls?

The result of dropping a golf ball and a ping-pong ball of the same temperature, from the same height and on the same surface reveals that the golf ball would bounce higher than the ping-pong ball.... Read More »