When I think too much, my balls hurt.............?


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Does your balls hurt when you have your laptop on your knee in bed?

ya It can causes so ....As the body needs to maintain a proper testicular "penus and balls" temperature for normal sperm production and development and as Portable computers in a laptop position p... Read More »

I think Strack's and Van Till forced my girlfriend to quit, when she was on FMLA for a hurt back?

You really need to talk to a lawyer. Many will give you a free consultation.

Help please my balls hurt?

You have a yeast infection on your face!?! Holy ****! I'd get your sack checked ASAP man, could be something way worse.

Why does it hurt so much when you stub your toe?

because there's not much muscle or fat to help soften the pain, thus causing the toe to be a very sensitive part of our bodies.Also, because, like the fingers, the toe has many nerve endings so is ... Read More »