When I stand up, I see all black?

Answer This is called orthostatic hypotension. Low blood pressure from getting up. I have it because it is a side effect of one of the medications I take. The best way to relieve this is too get up slo... Read More »

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What do black roses stand for?

There are actually no true black-colored roses. Those referred to as black roses are actually a very deep red. The black rose stands for death. When sent, they could imply the death of a relationsh... Read More »

Vision goes black & I get lightheaded when I stand up?

You have got orthostatic hypotension. When you stand up, nearly 500 to 750 ml of blood is pulled towards lower extremities. So your brain will not get sufficient quantity of oxygenated blood for pr... Read More »

How to Make Eyeshadow Stand Out When You Are Black?

Eye shadows come in many different colors, such as blue, brown, purple, gold, white, green and silver. Just because an eye shadow looks good on one woman, doesn't mean it will be flattering on her ... Read More »

Does anyone know were i can get black screws for a sony easel stand ?