When I shave " down there " I get really nasty red bumps. How can I not get those?

Answer Make sure you use a brand new or at least very sharp razor each time you shave there, and make sure to use a good moisturizing cream, and not just soap. Start by shaving in the direction of the hai... Read More »

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Does it itch when you shave "down there"?

Why are people nasty and tell jokes about those with Down syndrome and other special needs?

It is certainly not at all funny to tell jokes about those with Down Syndrome and other special needs. How would you like it if people made fun of you for a medical condition that you can't help? P... Read More »

To shave or not to shave down there?

Honestly? For a minute forget about what the guys like and consider yourself. You're more important after all!Anyway, to answer your question, I say trimming it is the best option. Why? Because sha... Read More »

How to Avoid Razor Bumps When You Shave Your Head?

Razor bumps caused by shaving can be irritating and painful. Razor bumps and ingrown hairs, otherwise known as pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) are caused by curly hair that's cut and grows back in... Read More »