When I shave " down there " I get really nasty red bumps. How can I not get those?

Answer Make sure you use a brand new or at least very sharp razor each time you shave there, and make sure to use a good moisturizing cream, and not just soap. Start by shaving in the direction of the hai... Read More »

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How to Shave Your Underarms Without Bumps?

Shaving bumps and razor rash mar the silky smooth look your skin has right after shaving. Prepare your sensitive skin before shaving to minimize the risk of creating bumps. Use a sharp razor, don't... Read More »

How to Shave Under the Arms Without Bumps?

Shaving can be a pain, especially if you need to shave under your arms. It is very common to suffer from shaving bumps and razor rash when you continually shave under the arms in the wrong way. Her... Read More »

How to Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps?

Shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal in the world; yet many people suffer with razor bumps, an itchy red rash in the shaven area, after each shave. These razor bumps are known... Read More »

How to Heal Shave Bumps on Legs?

Are bumps sometimes left on your legs after shaving them with a traditional razor? This is called razor burn and is quite common. Razor burn may occur for a variety of reasons, but it is treated th... Read More »