When I see a computer screen it does not flicker. but I take a video it does. Why?

Answer It has to do with the refresh rate of your monitor and the settings on your video camera. The default setting on most monitors is typically 60 Hz which is also the frame rate of your camera. This... Read More »

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Why Does a Laptop Screen Flicker?

Laptop owners know that one of their most common computer problems is a flickering screen. Although laptop screens are delicate and prone to malfunction, they also are easy to repair.

Take a video of your computer screen?

yes indeed. Use Cam Studio. It's free you can even save your video in different formats. The download button is under the section that reads "Useful Links".I hope this helps Read More »

If you take a picture of a computer screen, why does it look weird?

It doesn't look weird if you know what you're doing ;-)Essentially, a TV screen doesn't display a steady image - dpending on the type of screen and the source (TV, DVD, bluray, game,...) it will di... Read More »

Computer monitor screen does not go off when not in use?

VRChris before you try advising people how to go about doing something on their computers, best you learn something about them yourself..BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System..Not as you wrote ... Read More »