When I scroll down on the computer, it isn't smooth?

Answer You need to upgrade your graphic card drivers.This can normally be done on Windows Update. If you do a Custom/Advanced search for updates, the graphics card update will be in Hardware Updates.If th... Read More »

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How do I save corrections in Word when I scroll down?

I think you have to pull that plastic stuff off your screen.

How do I stop the page from 'rippling' when I scroll up & down?

Like the person above me mentioned, it the graphic card driver. Right now your computer is using just general drivers that are not designed specifically for you card and they only perform the bare... Read More »

Anyone know why the page seems to be overlapping when i scroll down?

you need to clean up you drives and debug , check for viruses,

How come a computer screen looks nice and smooth when you look at it?

Computer screens have 'refresh rates' which basically means that they flash many times per second rather than being 'on' like a regular light bulb (fluorescent lights actually flicker the same way ... Read More »