When I plug in my Kodak SD card it won't open a drive or do anything?

Answer Some older computers just won't deal with the larger SD cards, my old laptop won't. My solution was to buy a card reader (less than $10) and use it. It always works.

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My ipod froze, like it doesnt do anything , when i tried to plug in to computer it still didn't do anything,?

Press and hold menu and select for 5 seconds and it will reset.

Student oyster card wont do anything?

As a footnote, Oyster cards have a tiny transmitter in built and are magnetically sensitive. If you keep it in your wallet/purse with bank/access cards, it will magnetize it causing it to fail. The... Read More »

Just bought the alpine cda-105 CD receiver and kcu-440i usb iPod cable and when you plug your iPod in the head unit wont recognize it it doesn't do anything like display error messages it just doesn't?

if youre plugging right into the usb jack it wont work. the radio doesnt have the required software like a comp does to read and play things off of your ipod. you have to use your aux in. if you ge... Read More »

My dvd drive wont work or open.?

Make sure the jumpers in the back of the drive are set properly. There is a Master, a slave, and a cable select setting, one of them is what you need. The jumper is some were in the back were you i... Read More »