When I insert a .jpg file into a Word document, it does not display on the document.?

Answer In Word, click on Tools | Options | View | check the "Drawings" box and uncheck the "Picture placeholders" box | OK. If the problem persists, then reduce or turn off hardware acceleration in your ... Read More »

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Can you insert a PDF file into an MS Word document?

Yes. Microsoft Word (version 2000 and later) allows for inserting files into the current Word document using the "Insert Object" menu option. Users can create a link to the PDF file or embed its en... Read More »

How do I insert a formatted document into a Word file?

Open the master Word file. From the File menu or Ribbon click "Insert," then "Object." Click the "Create from File" tab, then click "Browse." Select the formatted document to embed, then click "Ins... Read More »

Can I insert a Publisher document into a Word document?

You can insert information from a Microsoft Publisher document into a Microsoft Word document by using the Microsoft Office cut and paste feature. To do this, highlight the objects in Publisher you... Read More »

Can you insert a PDF into a Word document?

To insert a PDF file into a Word 2007 document, click on the "Insert" tab with the Word document open. Click on "Object." Select "Object" again from the drop-down menu. Chose "Adobe Acrobat Documen... Read More »