When I go to the gym I don't wear panties....?

Answer WELL....i'm actually suprised that noone has said they can see your cuchie!If I were YOU i wouldnt put on a thong or panties on just to make them more comfortable! You're supposed to be comfortable... Read More »

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If sperm soaked through your panties and then you wear them when it is still wet can you be pregnant?

Do you wear belts even when you dont 'have' to?

Lol yea I do. It just feels wrong to wear a pair of pants without a belt. Lol yast year I would have told you that belts don't feel right at all. Then I got a studded belt adn now I can't live with... Read More »

My step daughters live w their mom and grandmother the grandmother keeps putting diapers on the 5 yr old when she doesn't need them the mother also will not allow her to wear panties is this abuse?

Do you sometimes wear belts even when you dont 'have' to?

Yeah I only had to wear belts at afc if not it was caution tape xD lol and court but other then that yeah sometimes I do I have 2 favorite belts (: and yeah I feel the same I usually have like weir... Read More »