When I go to YouTube and try go fullscreen it goes wonky?

Answer no its your screen resolution its too big for the vids to be displayed make you screen resolution smaller and try it again.tell me if this helped?!

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Fullscreen on youtube doesn't work?

I know how to fix this, happened to me too.1. Type this in your address bar "chrome://plugins" and press enter2. Now scroll down until you find Adobe Flash Player 3. Under Flash Player you should s... Read More »

My You Tube fullscreen does not work. It appears as 2 black and white diagonal triangles when i try fullscreen?

Read this on another website - might help...Hello,I was getting the very same anomaly, (a diagonal, white on top/grey onbottom that flashed color when playing), and I just stumbled upon aquick fix:... Read More »

What should i do about my wonky teeth?

If you can't speak properly I think you should get them anyway. It can cause more problems if it's not fixed

I have bad neck pains and a wonky arm?

Did you sleep on it funny? That sometimes happens to me. Try this: RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.Take a anti-inflammatory (such as Aleve - but make sure to take something with it, or else... Read More »