When I get my MRI is it going to suck out my magnetic personality?

Answer My head has iron ore in it. Last time I had an MRI, my brain got sucked out. My beanus has metal in it too. That's another story.

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If you have a really happy, easy going baby, does their personality stay that way when they get older?

Landon has always been very laid back since he was born. As he gets older he has pretty much stayed the same. He has moments of separation anxiety where he cries when someone new comes over, but ot... Read More »

Personality generally refers to an individual's character or his permanent behavioral traits Which of the following statements best describes personality development?

Environmental influences begin shaping our personality at birth, and it continues to develop throughout our lifetime.

When was the magnetic compass made?

The magnetic compass was first made by Chinese scientists in the 5th century AD. They discovered magnetic forces which occurred naturally in a rock known as lodestone; the first magnetic compasses ... Read More »

When did vampiers suck come out on DVD and blue ray?