When I exercise while on my period, I get intense cramps?

Answer Just keep some Midol in your locker. When I was in Junior high and had to do Gym class, I used to get the worst cramps ! I kept Advil in my bag (didn't know about Midol at the time), and when we ... Read More »

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Intense period cramps! please help me!?

Hi there: Here is something that will help you with the pain. Drink some warm ginger okay? it will help you .No you do not need any benzo mds. Like the so called Dr is telling you about. You have a... Read More »

Could I be pregnant if I'm two weeks late for my period bloated indigestion headaches period-like cramps very sore breasts weird cravings hpt neg 11 days after missed period?

You could be pregnant. See your doctor for proper testing and care.

Do you sleep better after intense exercise Why?

Yes I do.Probably has to do something with all the stress you put onto your Central Nervous System while exercising that makes it more tired and more eager for some rest.

What kind of exercise should you do when you are cooling down after an intense workout?