When I close my fist, hand tingles?

Answer You'd have to see a doctor to get this diagnosed, but the most common cause of hand tingling upon awakening is that you were bending your wrist while asleep or having some fluid accumulation there ... Read More »

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I hand pit bull a big cut hend how close cut in head?

I don't understand the question. Sorry. :\

Dizziness when I look down, tingles in my face, and weak legs?

dont worry..this is what happend to me before i found out i was anemic. i had iron deficiency in my blood. go see a doctor they will put you on medicine for it i am sure if it is anemia. dont worry... Read More »

What is a hard lump forming below the main gum-line but below a molar that had caused pain but was not treated and now only tingles and could it be related to your pregnancy?

Answer Some changes to a womans pregnancy can be related to pregnancy but its best to see your doctor or dentist to be certain. Take care.

I was punched in the face, 1 week ago, bruse gone, face still tingles upper lip/teeth numb?

You may have trapped nerves or something like thatyou really should go and see a doctor about this because it may be repairable now but not if you leave itsorry to hear thatx