When I click on "search" all I get is a blank screen?

Answer lol i having same problem as you. Like u, works too just not the One thing i noticed is that captcha also won't display. LOL, I fixed my problem by restoring my laptop... Read More »

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When I try and watch a video full screen on my laptop I get a blank screen but i can hear it. How can I see it?

right click in the video and there will be a box that is ticked, untick it and then try it again.

I can't get into my excel spreadsheet it just shows a blank page & then when I click weird stuff?

If this is a previously saved Excel Workbook file, then it may have been corrupted in some way.And when you say "then when I click weird stuff", does that mean that no matter where you click weird ... Read More »

When I do a Yahoo or Google search, the results link I click on sends me to an adult site - why?

There are settings to disable it. On the google home page next to the input bar there is a button called preferences were you can change what shows up in search and disable adult sites, there shoul... Read More »

How 2 delete google and yahoo web surfing history,when i click on search bar it shows everywhere tht ive been?

Go to control panel. Click internet options. Then Under general tab. Click Delete history and temporary internet files.