When I click control, Internet Explorer opens?

Answer It means brace for a big hug from Auntie, darling.I'm a computer professional with 12 years in software can trust me...I know error messages.((((((((((Zilla))))))))))See? I was ri... Read More »

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Opening internet explorer 8 opens my homepage in 3 different tabs and I dont know why?

just change your homepage settings back to what they were before. Open the internet, under TOOLS (the circle shaped thing or the wrench), click INTERNET OPTIONS, and in the homepage box, highlight ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Internet Explorer's Click Sound?

In some recent versions of Internet Explorer, you might notice a subtle sound every time you click to navigate to a different page. Some people would describe it as a "muffled explosion" and simult... Read More »

How do I get Internet Explorer off my sony vaio. When I click uninstall it says "this action can only be done?

IE is part of the Windows operating system, you cannot actually get rid of it. Some of the files that make FF and GC work are part of IE.

Whats the problem with my computerWhen I click 'internet explorer' multiple screen pages appear?

Its multipul causes - some anti-viours - in ur pc - or - you click many time mouse - so .............